Meet The Team

CM Char

Master Ideas Alchemist

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Chermaine Low

Chief Content Tactician

Potato by day… evil genius by night. She loves reading and sings (we pity her neighbourhood peeps) in her spare time. Loves romance manga though does not show it. The Tigrex of the group, harmless unless unfed.

Nathalie Tay

Assistant Chief Content Tactician

Writer by day, support main by night. She loves indie games, moe girls and stories that make you think too much. Currently struggling with her growing obsession for milk tea.


Douglas Loh

Chief Hype Titan

He loves pushing Guardians off cliffs, and you can find him on PSN: unscathedkey, and subscribe to him on YouTube at Pink Titan Gaming.


Chief Alliance Scout

The go-to guy for events. Lover of food and Japanese culture. Reads Shoujo manga in his downtime.

Aliff Marzuki

Chief Mage on Demand

An enthusiastic person by nature, he loves everything video game, anime, movie, football, and trading card game related. Resident mage on demand.

Zevy Lily

Lead Cosplay Priestess

Cosplayer with a big heart. If she could, she would bring home every stray animal she saw. Enjoys harassing Cha in her spare time.



Lead Design Summoner

Part-time graphic design major and freelance digital artist, full-time daydreamer and avid complainer. Can be found trying to absorb better artists’ powers by eating their prints.

Nathan Yong

Lead Digital Assassin

Guy that takes pretty photos of just about anything and has opinions on just about any media. To find him easily, simply utter, “Bloodborne is overrated and is just not fun,” and he will swiftly teleport behind you, plastic katana in hand. Nothing personal, kid.

Aqasha Yusoffi

Content Tactician

Avid gamer and card game enthusiast that loves trying out new games. A big movie buff and loves cute mewing kittens.

Kayri Lee

Content Tactician

Part-time cosplayer, full-time writer. Currently studying in San Diego and no, she hasn’t gone to Comic Con… yet.

Vanessa Goh

Content Tactician

Her holy trinity consists of K-pop, good food, and *cough* the BL genre. You can typically find her burrito-ing in her natural habitat.

Nicholas Yap

Content Tactician

Wandering wordsmith figuring out the conundrums of existence. Occasionally an idiot, most times a friend, always a gamer.


Digital Assassin

Just another guy with an overly expensive camera. Enjoys shooting people and hanging them up (wink wink). Currently pursuing a game development degree, but that doesn’t mean he’s good at games… maybe. 😉

Amos Teng

Digital Assassin

50% geek, 50% salt, and 100% mad scientist! A lover of animation, technology, and games of all varieties. Occasionally found in a wig.



Design Summoner

A masochist who enjoys getting her soul tortured by depressing anime. Arts sometimes (when she’s not constantly crying over fictional characters). Find her on tumblr and instagram @winterchocolatte!



Catherine Tay

Scroll Keeper

Honorary younger sister of the team, she is self-proclaimed “just your average teen with mood swings”. When not at school, she indulges in nicer experiences, like cosplaying and eating good food.